One line of code at a time

“Mbuyu, your seeds are growing- Simunza”

When we joined the journey of building a Developer Community, one of my personal goals was to get as many of Zambian developers to level that they can compete at an international stage. It felt like a pipe dream because as…

A year of exploring honesty, and living beyond

Work — Changes and More Changes

An Innovation Hub in the Middle of Africa

Last weekend, a few of my BongoHive colleagues and I were in Kabwe, where we had gone to organize and run the ZANACO Innovation Challenge at Mulungushi University. At this event, we worked with a huge number of students, who had ideas that could help improve banking.

Writing an Actual API Endpoint

Planning Our API

Before we begin writing our first API using TDD, we need to first plan what data each API will receive and what data it will return as a response. This helps in making sure that we truly…

Part One: Setting Up Environments

courtesy of freecodecamp

Why TDD In First Place?

So you have probably been in this situation before, you write software. It is working beautifully — but just hours before that big presentation. You decide to make a few changes to a few methods. You run the application, still works — or so you think.

A Year of Believing in the Power of Community

A Year of Building Meaningful Connections

A year of honesty, friendship, and adventure

Life — Learning to Live Honestly

Honesty is the best the policy they say so here goes. A while back I experienced a few…

Mbuyu Makayi

Software Engineer at Chipper Cash| Facebook Developer Circle:Lusaka Community Lead | Amateur Photographer | Fullstack Javascript

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